Instrumentation for Industrial Processes.

Specialised solutions for energy intensive and regulated industries.

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric is a global manufacturer of instrumentation, systems and services designed for the efficient operation of industrial processes. Since 1965 the Eurotherm brand has provided specialised solutions for energy intensive and regulated industries, and today, continues to design and manufacture configurable precision machine, process and power controllers, and associated data recorders that enable its customers to get the most from their process.

R&D investment is focused on applications where the company’s core precision control and secure recording expertise provides the most value to the customer. Typical industries of focus are those with energy intensive processes that require a level of precision process control to get the most from energy use, and regulated industries that require a comprehensive process information trail, to instill process responsibility and aid conformance to set standards.

Temperature Control, Process Control, Measurement & Data Recording

Our wide range of products is rich in features and designed for easy operation and reduced engineering time. They contain market-leading control algorithms, recording and data management strategies which add value to industrial processes, improving quality, reducing waste and ensuring data is kept safe for as long as it is needed.

A Global Reputation of Excellence built on five main product streams:

  • Process & Temperature Control
  • SCR & SSR Power Control
  • Data Recorders & Acquisition 
  • PAC & HMI Process Automation
  • Signal Conditioners & Probes

Decades of experience in providing world-class process control, recording and automation are supported by a continuous research and development programme to ensure our solutions meet the modern challenges faced across a wide range of industries. Our customers are fully supported by a global sales and service network of highly qualified engineering personnel who understand the applications and industries they serve.

Eurotherm Global Industry Expertise,

Provides its innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of markets including heat treatment, glass, plastics, life science, food & beverage, oil & gas, power and water

This industry expertise, combined with control, recording and automation knowledge enables engineers to deliver a wide range of automation systems and engineering support services, designed to improve the performance and effectiveness of customers’ plant-wide assets. Through utilisation of application specific functions built into Eurotherm products that automatically calculate and control vital parameters, Eurotherm systems are able to precisely control processes such as the application of gasses in heat treatment furnaces (for example, Zirconia probe measurement, 3 Gas IR spectroscopy, and online diffusion for carburizing), melt pressure and parison control for plastics manufacturing machines, bushing and boosting control in the manufacture of glass, and steriliser control in the life science industry.

Eurotherm Product Range

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