Designer Series: Model 125

Airius Designer Series

The Designer 100 Series destratification unit acts as a free hanging fan applicable for ceiling heights from 20 to 40 meters and covers a diameter of 17 to 21 meters. It covers a floor area of 223 meters² to 334 meters².

The Airius Designer Series shares many similarities to our Standard Series and will provide your building with all of the same benefits and functions combating thermal stratification in your building.


Airius Designer Series destratification fans

Models from the Designer Series are enclosed in a powder coated aluminium cylindrical
housing and are perfectly suited to architecturally sensitive installations.

All models in the Designer Series operate in exactly the same manner as models from the Standard Series. We can customise the
Designer Series with motor and control options to suit your destratification requirements, as well as custom paint the units
to match any RAL colour code. The Designer Series is suitable for installation in properties with ceiling heights ranging
from 2.5 metres, right up to 38 metres high.

Additional information

Weight 45.4 kg
Dimensions 45 × 93 cm


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