Energy Meters

Measurement products for DIN-Rail.

Managing electrical supply is a priority. Without measuring usage, it is hard to drive efficiency.
Measuring an electrical installation can save effort and money. The addition of energy meters for sub-metering and a circuit monitoring system for branch supervision enables the monitoring of energy usage, from the incoming energy all the way down to the last branch.


Main benefits
– Wide measurement dynamics, that means reliable energy measurement from low to high currents
– Ability to identify where energy could be saved from detailed information of energy usage
– Cost allocation of energy
– Branch supervision of both AC and DC currents

Main features
– Three ranges of energy meters, direct connected up to 40 A, 65 A and 80 A or transformer connected
– Wide range, from basic to advanced energy meters connected directly with option of 4Q measurements,
tariffs, max/min demand, previous values, load profile, harmonics and THD
– Possibility to connect up to two times 32 sensors to each control unit
– Option of in-built communication, Modbus RTU or M-Bus (energy meters)


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