Flo-shAir Connector

Pneu-Therm’s pneumatic connectors

Our new range of Flo-shAIR connectors are designed to further simplify connections by offering one feed line in, with multiple lines out, thereby allowing one feed to connect to several outlets simultaneously.

These connectors are suitable for panel mounting and come equipped with a locking back ring to secure the connector to the application. Protective dust caps are available and tube socks, which can be fitted to various types of conduit and enables the tubing to be routed through machinery safely are also available.


Pneu-Therm’s multi tube pneumatic connectors are used to simplify and improve the connection of multiple airlines.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our connectors are easy to use and have proven to be a cost effective alternative to multiple single bulkheads.

Our standard connectors use a high quality push in style tube fitting, that both seals and grips on the outer diameter of the plastic tube. The Legris Carstick ® LF 3000 one-piece cartridge fitting is used as standard and can be supplied in both metric and Imperial tube size. Also this fitting can be used for both positive and vacuum pressures. For further information, please feel free consult one of our engineers.