ISO Cylinders

CP96-C, ISO 15552 Cylinder, Double Acting, Single/Double Rod with Air Cushion and bumper.
New types added: Standard for double rod, Non-rotating rod for double and single rod.
Rod boot option added for the standard type.
Integrated function of the air cushion and the bumper.
Bore sizes (mm): 32 ~ 100.
Strokes up to 2000 mm.
Weight reduced by up to 15% thanks to the new the design of the cover and the piston.
Many made to order available.

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Actuator and air cylinder designs from SMC offer innovative pneumatic cylinder design features for the automation industry.

Engineers trust SMC actuators to provide long life, and reliable service. SMC products are specified in all major industrial markets. SMC actuators are created to provide you with the largest array of choices.

Our standard air cylinder features include:

– a wide range of bore sizes, with 16 ‘inch’ bore sizes and 18 ‘metric’ bore sizes
– multiple mounting configurations and
– auto switch capability as a standard on most series.

SMC products are designed for precision performance and reliability. Our global production facilities provide product availability from all industrialized countries around the world. Pneumatic and electric actuator products from SMC are available in a wide variety of styles, including linear, guided, rodless air cylinders, rotary, gripper, and specialty air cylinders. Whether pneumatic or electric actuators, each series comes with a full complement of standard options and related products.

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