Modular Din Rail Components

Low Voltage Technologies

All you need to complete your low voltage installation. MDRC is a range of components that provides all functions to complete the offer of an electric switchboard apart line protection and residual current protection, such as measuring, controlling and commanding.

They are plugged on a standard DIN-Rail in a click


Main benefits
– Let system pro M compact® be a real system: MDRC allow to enhance performances of their MDBs and
SDBs any time devices are bundled together
– ABB’s uncomparable quality: The quality of ABB on every single function of switchboards, from
– Replace without regrets: a specialty range of devices and the best technical documentation, to make
a 100% ABB panel without regrets
– Look and feel: the panel will have the same color!

Main features
– Wide range of currents, voltage and power to fulfill every requirement of integration
– The width of every device is multiple of the standard DIN Module 17,5 mm to 18 mm
– Wide range of accessories for signalling, communicating and coupling.


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