P304 ¼ DIN Melt Pressure Indicator / Controller

Accurate temperature & Process measurement

The Eurotherm piccolo™ P304i Melt Pressure indicator and P304c controller offer versatile solutions with advanced features and a wide range of hardware options that make them ideal for all types of plastic processing.


Both the piccolo™ P304i Melt Pressure indicator and P304c controller have a 50ms sample rate to give the fast-acting control and alarm functionality required in the plastics industry.

The P304c controller provides outstanding control performance in an affordable package for a wide variety of pressure sensors.
Input/output flexibility.

A strain gauge or process linear input is standard with an optional strain gauge input for differential pressure control, or a universal input for remote setpoint. Up to two opto-isolated DC linear outputs are available for control or retransmission along with one standard logic input for alarm reset/acknowledge or zero calibration of sensor. An additional four logic inputs may be selected for remote activation of functions like auto/manual mode selection and increase/ decrease of power output.


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