Standard Series: Model 25

Airius Standard Series

The Standard 25 Series destratification unit acts as a free hanging fan applicable for ceiling heights from 6.5 to 8 meters and covers a diameter of 11 to 13 meters. It covers a floor area of 89 meters² to 133 meters².

The Airius Standard Series is the original free-hanging destratification fan used to combat thermal stratification in buildings throughout the world.


Airius Standard Series destratification fans

The Airius Standard Series is available in several models with various motor and control options available
to accommodate your building’s unique stratification needs.

All models in the Standard Series range feature a standalone destratification fan (axial turbine) powered by highly energy
efficient EBM Papst motors, which are suspended just below ceiling height in your building. This series is suitable for
buildings with a ceiling height of 2.5 metres, right up to 31 metres.

From the short Model 10 to the Model 100, the Standard Series range is capable of equalising between 60 and 220 square
metres of floor area.

All products in the Standard Series are supplied in an off-white colour. However, if requested we have the facilities to
custom paint your destratification fans to match any RAL colour code.

Additional information

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 56 cm


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