Wire Termination & Connectors

Cable Management

  • Reliable
  • Adaptable
  • Maintain with ease


ABB is a recognized leader in providing electrical connectors suitable for the majority of all electrical applications.

Color Keyed® System solution designed to meet the most stringent testing requirements. Our Color-Keyed lugs are made of 99.9% pure, oxygen free copper. The Color-Keyed color coded crimping system assures the right die is used with the right lug resulting in an accurate, reliable crimp

Dragon Tooth® Insulation Piercing Connectors
ABB insulation piercing connectors make a permanent, low resistance connection for splicing, tapping, and terminating magnet wire from 32 AWG to 460,000 CMA copper and from 20 AWG to 460,000 CMA aluminum conductors in motor and transformer applications.

Shield-Kon® connectors
One-piece solderless, wraparound shield connectors terminate shielded cable in seconds with uniform precision while preventing cable damage that may be caused by soldering.

Sta-Kon® & Spec-Kon® Terminals
Sta-Kon and Spec-Kon terminals, made of high-conductivity copper with corrosion-resistant plating, include marked stud and wire sizes, a long chamfered barrel to eliminate missed crimps, a deep internal serration to produce a larger contact area, and selective annealing, to leave the barrel soft for crimping while the tongue remains strong. Sta-Kon is our UL / imperial terminals range and Spec-Kon our IEC / metric portfolio.

Comfort Crimp Compression Tool
The most comfortable and ergonomically friendly crimp tool on the market. Requires the lowest handle force of any tool in its class. Shure-Stake mechanisms ensure a complete crimp cycle before releasing and results in a proper/completed crimp every time.

  • Reliable: Cable tray systems open design eliminates moisture buildup and reduces damage to cable insulation during installation.
  • Adaptable: As new technologies develop or new needs arise, count on full adaptability from a cable tray system because cables can enter or exit at any point.
  • Maintain with ease: Because cable tray systems are easy to inspect, maintenance requires less time, and there is less susceptibility to fire loss.


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