marinePRES is the Pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche developed in a special copper/nickel alloy. The material in time proved to be the most resistant and performing solution in saline ambiences.


marinePRES material Cupronickel 90/10.


marinePRES system consists of pipes, fittings, tools and installation materials. 5 certificaions, obtained by RM on the marinePRES product, confirm quality and reliability for applications such as heating, cooling, compressed air and fire protection systems. The range of pipes made in copper/nickel 90/10 CuNi10Fe1.6Mn alloy according to the DIN86019 standard consists of seamless calibrated pipes, Ø15 to 108 mm. Joints are fitted with a “M-shaped” profile toroidal chamber, optimized thanks the 20 year research experience. Inside each fitting, a green FKM O-Ring, with a patented profile, is directly fitted at the end of production.


Where to use marinePRES?

Products and services are developed to solve at best any installation problem and issue, aiming at quality, safety and speed.

marinePRES alloy is the best choice when the intrinsic anti-corrosion features of the material are required in the plant. The use of marinePRES by Raccorderie Metalliche is suitable on board ships and offshore platforms, at the presence of hydrocarbons, fire protection systems and in general for any application in saline and corrosive ambiences. Green FKM O-Rings can be used between -20 to +220°C, maximum pressure 16bar.

Portable Water

Fire Protection



Proccess Water

Compressed Air

solar Thermal

Why chose marinePRES?

A reliable and rapid solution with the best possible quality-price ratio.

•    A wide range of fittings and pipes Ø 15-108 mm, in copper/nickel 90/10 CuNi10Fe1.6Mn according to the DIN86019 standard.

•    A wide range of seamless Tees, patented by Raccorderie Metalliche.

•    A wide range of reliable fittings with the RM patented O-Ring in FKM.

•    More than 14,000 square meters available for the products warehouse.

•    A wide range of approved pressing machines to be used for the marinePRES system.

•    A solution with the best quality-price ratio in terms of products and services.

•    100% Italian know-how.

Pressfitting Systems

The junction connection of RACCORDERIE METALLICHE press fttiing systems is with “M” contour. During the pressing process a deformation takes place on two planes. The first plane creates a permanent connection and provides mechanical strength through the mechanical deformation of the press fitting and the pipe. On the second plane the seal ring is deformed in its cross secoon and through its elastic properties creates the permanently tight joint..

Green O-Ring EPDM

Sealing ring profile (o-ring)

Traditional press fttiing systems use round sealing rings, which can easily be damaged by careless fning. RM on the other hand uses a patented sealing ring with a lenticular profile which fits the press crimp groove. This provides the following advantages:

•    A 20% enlargement of the sealing surface area;

•    Major reduction of the risk of the sealing ring being pressed out or damaged;

•    Flit makes the pipes insertion easier

Sealing rings - Fields of applications and technical data

MIN. - / MAX. +

NBR HNBRYellow-20°/+70°5YES


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