Sontay Temperature Sensors:

Sontay revised range of thermostats are well suited for a number of applications of temperature control or safety cut-out in pipe work systems, calorifiers, duct work systems, green houses and many other installations. Comfort temperature measurement can be best achieved by taking into account the radiant effect of surfaces within the controlled space. The comfort temperature is specified as the average of the conductive temperature and the radiant temperature. The TT-322 & TT-325 temperature sensors are used for measuring temperature in ducts where an average reading across the air flow is required. Sontay's range of innovative space sensors are designed to meet the exacting standards of today’s architects, specifiers and building owners. Its unique low profile, curved style allows it to blend seamlessly in to the architecture of modern and older buildings alike. The UI-AA series of UI & Alarm Annunciators are used in conjunction with one or two analogue or VFC signals to provide low cost local audible and visual alarm facilities. The units can accept voltage, current and VFC switched inputs. Adjustment of alarm threshold and the time delay before an alarm is standard on all models.

Sontay Product Range

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