Sontay Wireless:

RF-SSK SonNet Site Survey Kits are comprised of a receiver RF-RXSS which is used in conjunction with the Sontay RF-PS-500 site survey routers, RF-HHT hand-held monitor and RF-TS-900 nodes. RF-A SonNet Accessories allow you to develop the award winning system further. The RF-I/OM-4A-4U SonNet Radio Input/Output Module is an intelligent device used in conjunction with SonNet sensors and routers to act as local I/O with connectivity to typical HVAC equipment such as fan coil units and variable are volume boxes.

RF-RR SonNet Powered Routers are used in conjunction with the Sontay RF-RX20, RF-RX40 or RF-RXS receiver units, and RF-RS series of battery powered radio sensors, and are used to route signals from battery powered nodes and other routers to the receiver module, where the signal strength of a direct path is not sufficient for reliable communications.

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