EMC Water Saving Solutions

Save Up To 60% With Our Water Saving Devices

Using water effectively is key to sustainability

Understanding how much water we use and how making a few small changes to the way we use water in our businesses and homes can save water, energy and money...

Floodcheck ® are world leaders in water leak detection and prevention - Floodcheck Auto comes with - Freeze Protection: This turns the water OFF if the temperature falls below 3°C. - Time Out Protection: This turns the water OFF if water has been running for more than 15 minutes. - Excess Flow Protection: This turns the water OFF if it senses that there has been a burst pipe or there is an abnormal flow of water. - 24 Hour Non-use Protection: This will turn the water OFF if no water has been used for 24 hours;

FloodSax ® are used for Water Management - for Leaks, for Spills and Floods in Industry, Retail, Commercial and Domestic applications. - FloodSax are Lightweight and easily Transported. - Easy to store and Vacuum Packed to save room. - Lasts for 5 Years in storage. - Can be Moulded into shape of opening. - Fully taut within 3 minutes, absorbing 20 Litres of water. - Biodegradeable. - FloodSax have Many Advantages over Traditional Sandbags.

Bathlia ® - Have developed and patented a system which rivals and surpasses conventional, water/energy-wasting showers, without any of the usual drawbacks, such as loss of water pressure or overall user experience. Using water effectively is key to sustainability. ShowerGreen patented system provides a breakthrough in water efficiency with a unique technique of redefining shower performance.



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