Supporting Industrial Automation

World leading experts in pneumatic technology.

SMC are recognised as the world leading experts in pneumatic technology, specialising in pneumatic control engineering supporting industrial automation. SMC have developed a vast range of control systems and equipment including over 12,000 base products with more than 700,000 variants. The company’s global engineering network, has technical facilities in Europe, China, the United States, and Japan.

EMC supply and distribute SMC product sectors including, Actuators, Air Line & Air Preparation Equipment, Directional Control Valves, Electrical Actuators, Fluid Control Equipment, right through to Fittings & Tubing, supporting extremely diverse and varied applications covering virtually every step in the automation process.

At EMC, we are extremely proud of our long standing partnership with SMC. As an official distributor we are uniquely positioned to offer the SMC Pneumatics product range unrivalled at the most competitive prices. EMC have extensive knowledge of all SMC products and components, with over 17 years in the industry, meaning that EMC are ideally positioned to guide you through the vast SMC product range from source to supply. From first point of contact our mission is to supply the right components at the right price for the right application – we always endeavour to deliver within 24 hours.

Excellence in Pneumatic Solutions

SMC have a team of thousands globally dedicated exclusively to the development of excellence in Technical Development, Production & Supply, and their Sales & Communication Network

A Global Reputation of Excellence built on three main platforms:

  • Technical Development
  • Production & Supply
  • Sales & communication network

Through shear dedication to their customer base and commitment to developing the best products in the market SMC are proud to be one of the most innovative, progressive and successful companies in the world. EMC's unique understanding and commitment to the SMC ethos of excellence, precision and reliability make EMC the only choice for sourcing, supplying and distributing all of your SMC Pneumatic needs.

SMC Global Industry Leaders

SMC pursuing worldwide customer satisfaction and supporting automation through the most advanced pneumatic technologies

The SMC Mantra of Excellence, Precision, Reliability and Dedication to Research & Development has won the company many prestigious global industry awards. SMC Pneumatics have solutions and applications in every industry sector, with the guarantee of award-winning excellence. SMC is the only choice for your operation whatever your sector.

SMC Product Range

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